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16 quick tips to improve your spoken English

MEDIAPATNER.COM,  16 quick tips to improve your spoken English


Think in English

The mind is truly a strong tool. It should be used as much as possible. Make it your habit of talking to yourself in English. Think in your mind before what you are going to say. Describe your thoughts about different things in English.


Do not translate from your native language to English

If you are unaware of the correct sentence or phrase in English, do not try to translate that in your native tongue. If you do this it will not take you towards effective learning. Don't make fun of yourself. Therefor, try to find out the correct usage which you may get by reading or asking someone.


Speak English at every opportunity

A good leaner will always try to take advantage of every single opportunity to speak things in English. At first, it may be a bit awkward to speak unnecessarily but considering that your first ever experience try to avail of that opportunity. Things will be automatically get better for you afterwards.


Learn sentences or phrases – don’t concentrate on single words.

When you get some opportunity to learn few good words don't consider those words sufficient for your speaking rather you must try to learn other things like different sentences and phrases that are used in daily life. Try to use those words in different sentences. It will help you improve your vocabulary.


Listen to others speaking English

Listen, listen, listen. Whether you have to use the radio or the television or a movie. Or a colleague or teacher who can speak a good English. listening continually can help you improve your pronunciation and accent. Your reading habit alone can't help you improve your speaking skills.


Learn how to say the same thing differently

As it happens with other languages, similar case is with English, a single sentence can be made in various ways, but all those sentences give the similar meaning. If you can learn these sentences then you will be able to make more clear and simple sentences.

Make mistakes

Whenever you are going to commit mistakes while speaking , make sure there should be someone to correct your mistakes. Mistake is the best ever teacher and it's a natural thing. You can never learn to correct yourself unless you know how to make mistakes. So feel free to make mistakes.


Do not lose confidence

Confidence is really something important not only in English learning but also in every field of your life. While speaking you may have to face difficulty and frustration which may cause loose your confidence level. Be alway confident of whatever the circumstances you face, even if you know you are speaking incorrectly, don't let your confidence level be down.


Keep it simple

While speaking your only purpose should be to use a simple way of talking so that the other person can be able to get you properly. Your propose must not be to create difficulty to understand your talks. Your message should be clear and simple.


And most of all, have fun

When you are in a process of English learning, don't take it too seriously as to make it hard for you. You should enjoy every moment of learning. If you take it in hard manner, you won't be able to get it properly.


Talk to yourself

This is another interesting way of learning English language. Whenever you find yourself free at home or somewhere else, give yourself an opportunity to have a few words with the favourite person:



Use a mirror

Another amazing activity you can do to improve your English is to make yourself stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself. This activity should be done on regular basis. Select any good topic and speak at least for 2 or 3 minutes continously. It will make you feel that you are talking to yourself. While speaking, if you get stuck at any point don't stop! Try to describe that idea in a different way.


Focus on fluency, not grammar

When you are speaking in English, don't bother to care about grammar rules. You should only give your full concentration on speaking fluently. You can be quite understandable even if you don't focus on using correct grammar while speaking. If will try to focus more on speaking grammatically, then you will not be able to speak fluently. Your message will be understable without even using grammar rules.


Try some tongue twisters

When you are speaking, you need to try to use those words that are a bit hard to be pronounced. One example of it is "the thirty three thieves" etc. Practice these words for some time! It may be not easy . This method will be quite helpful to put words in the right placement of your mouth and tongue and also you will be able to pronounce words accurately.


Speak, speak, speak!

The only best way to improve your speaking skills is to try to speak English as much as you can. Don't feel shyness and hesitation to speak before anyone. The more you practice, the more you will be able to speak English. You can learn speaking

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