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Fee Guide Kampus Mengajar 4

Fee Guide Kampus Mengajar 4

Students participating in the Teaching Campus will receive the following financial assistance:

Living expenses assistance

Support for living expenses of Rp. 1,200,000, -/month (transferred directly to the account of the Teaching Campus participants).

UKT education funding assistance

UKT funds will be given at cost or in accordance with the nominal UKT of each campus, the maximum UKT funds given is a maximum of Rp.Rp2.400.000

Antigen swabs/PCR

The antigen/PCR swab fund is a number of funds given to students participating in the Teaching Campus Program. Antigen/PCR swab funds are given during the Teaching Campus Program and are paid as a reimbursement (at cost) in accordance with applicable regulations.

Emergency Fund

Emergency funds (force majeure) are funds given to Campus Teaching Program participants who need costs due to emergencies during their assignment, such as illness (including exposure to Covid-19), accidents, natural disasters, and death return funds for Campus Program participants. Teach.

Note: For students who have received living expenses assistance from other government scholarships, the fee received is the difference between the money received from the scholarship.

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