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Financial Offshore Accounting

 Financial Offshore Accounting


Financial company with operations in India and Dubai, since inception OTLs aim is to reduce bookkeeping related cost and
improve operational efficiency through our extensive finance and accounting services.
(OTL - Offshore Travelogistis) is conceived with a clear vision to help travel companies maximize their business
performance through cost-effective F&A services including offshore accounting and process automation. OTL specializes in
travel accounting
Offshore Accounting:
Keeping books of accounts while meeting regulatory requirements is one of the biggest pain areas of small and mid-sized
50% Time saving |Saving up to 50% of your F&A cost. Financial accounting
Most importantly, through our value-driven approach, we closely examine your current practices, processes, and systems to
identify the key areas that require process automation and help you realize your finance transformation goals while keeping
the budget in check.
Today's highly competitive business environment, finance heads are under constant pressure to do more with less.
Leveraging on our deep domain expertise is a commonly observed fact that financial prudence is a necessary evil in any
business organization. In addition to being expensive to manage, it is quite time-consuming too.
There is no point in denying the fact that at most of the times, the business owners find it challenging to focus on their core
business aspects as they keep themselves busy in collecting payments from the clients, facilitating payments to vendors and
managing other financial aspects of their enterprise.
However, by sharing their accounting services, the business owners can regain their focus, and they can concentrate on the
core elements of their business. In the realm of today's business world, accounting is one such activity which can be shared
with virtual CFO service providers.
Flexibility- Our Shared CFO services allow companies to retain a CFO for a long or short duration based on the business
requirement, be it temporary, project-based or ongoing.
Cost Efficiency- It helps businesses make significant cost savings in comparison with a six-figure salary and benefits
typically associated with retaining a full-time CFO in-house.
Financial Expertise- As a highly qualified financial officer, a Shared CFO provides important guidance on various aspects
relating to your company's finance and accounting functions.
Accurate Financial Statements- By having your financial statements prepared under the guidance of a highly experienced
CFO, you can rest assured that your statements are accurate and error-free.
Strategic Financial Guidance- provide insightful advice to business owners on matters relating to financial planning,
business profitability, and growth, allowing them to make better decisions

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