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How to get a school scholarship in Indonesia?

How to get a school scholarship in Indonesia?

Scholarships are always sought after, both by someone who is undergoing education at school or college. In fact, it is not uncommon for people who have graduated from college to continue to hunt for scholarships, to continue their education to a higher level. Therefore, how to get a free college scholarship is one of the most sought-after information. There are several places that are very popular among Indonesian students when looking for information on how to get free college scholarships. Some of them are, Australia, England, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, and the United States (US).

How to get a school scholarship in Indonesia?

Universities in these countries offer a variety of scholarships, not just merit-based scholarships which generally only accept applicants with outstanding academic achievements. Educational institutions in these countries also offer partial, living and full scholarships which are widely available to students from Indonesia.

In addition to finding information related to scholarships abroad, information on how to get free tuition scholarships also includes universities in the country.
How to Get Free Tuition Scholarships Here are a number of ways to get free tuition scholarships that are quoted from creditpintar.com and idp.com, both for universities located at home and abroad: 

1. Superior Scholarship

This scholarship program is a scholarship that was launched directly by the Ministry of Education and Culture, where this scholarship is focused on prospective lecturers or teaching staff in universities or private sectors. However, this scholarship only focuses on the S2 and S3 levels. 

2. Sampoerna Foundation Scholarship

This is a scholarship intended for high school graduates or equivalent with an academic average of 70. If you try to enroll in the Sampoerna Foundation scholarship program, you will receive tuition subsidies and character development that can support life on your new campus. 

3. Djarum Plus Scholarship Program

Scholarships that are specifically for students who are taking the S1/D4 equivalent level. In order for you to get this scholarship, you must be disciplined towards values and knowledge in order to get a financial subsidy from the Djarum Foundation of Rp. 1 million every month for the next one year. 

4. BCA Scholarship

 If you are a recent graduate from high school (SMA) or equivalent, and have an interest in banking, you will have the opportunity to participate in an internship program from the largest private bank company in Indonesia, namely Bank BCA. However, this scholarship is only available for the Business and Banking Education Program and the Informatics Engineering Education Program. Later, you will study for approximately the next 2.5 years. 

5. College KIP Scholarships

Is one way to get a free college scholarship which is only intended for high school / vocational school graduates and the equivalent for prospective students who have fairly good academic abilities, and are active in several positive organizations. As well as in terms of family finances that are lacking, but want to continue their education up to college. 

6. LPDP Scholarship 

This scholarship program is officially organized by the Government of Indonesia through the Education Fund Management Institute which is under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance. This scholarship is intended to produce human resources with leadership characteristics, professionalism, scientists, and technocrats.

Tips for Getting a Free Tuition Scholarship that You Need to Understand Apart from knowing how to get a free college scholarship, it is necessary to understand some tips or preparations that need to be made before applying. Some of these tips include: 
How to get a school scholarship in Indonesia?
  1. Diligently Searching for Information on the Latest Scholarship Programs In this case, if you are still lazy to search for information, then it is certain that you will run out of quota. Looking for information to the school or campus can be said to be a fairly powerful way. Sometimes, schools or colleges have many connections with several institutions or private parties that provide free college scholarships. In addition, don't be shy to ask some friends or relatives who have or have had experience in how to get free college scholarships. If you are able, you can also do your own research by looking for information from the internet or social media. By diligently monitoring the scholarship provider's social media accounts or through a Google search, you will certainly get more detailed information. 
  2. Qualified Academic Achievement Various types of scholarships have different academic requirements. There are several types of scholarships that require you to have qualified academic scores, such as the Sampoerna Foundation Scholarship which requires an average score of at least 70. Or if you have already taken the undergraduate level, you can apply for the KIP Tuition Scholarship which does require that every student must have academic grades. and must also be active in campus activities. 
  3. Meet the Scholarship Qualification Requirements In order for the scholarship application to be right on target with your needs, it's a good idea to study and fulfill all the requirements provided by the scholarship provider. However, there is one very general requirement for scholarship applicants. That is not currently receiving from any scholarship program, or not currently receiving another scholarship other than the one to be registered. For other requirements sometimes can vary by each provider of free tuition scholarships. You just have to adjust whatever the requirements are. 
  4. Prepare Some Required Documents Apart from qualification requirements, prospective scholarship recipients must be able to complete several document requirements such as ID cards, SKCK and the like. If you have several additional certificates, you can also attach them to add to the assessment of the college scholarship provider. 
  5. Mastering English as an added value For anyone, English is quite scary if it has to be included in the list of requirements. However, by forgetting this one, it may be said that it is very unfortunate because almost every university likes and even looks at scholarship recipients who have good English skills.

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