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Why are Indonesians polite?

Indonesia is well-known in the eyes of the world as a friendly nation. lo. The term that Indonesia is a friendly nation is often told by tourists from abroad who vacation in Indonesia.

Although not all Indonesians are really friendly, but the term friendly nation is still attached to the Indonesian people.

Why are Indonesians polite?

So, why are Indonesians known to be friendly in the eyes of the world?

Apparently, Indonesia's designation as a friendly nation is caused by the traditions and culture adopted by the Indonesian people themselves.

The friendly nature of Indonesians is a manifestation of the cultural values that exist in society.

Almost all cultures in Indonesia teach about manners and being kind. The majority of Indonesian people themselves still adhere to these values.

The following are the cultural values adopted by Indonesians so that they are called the friendliest nation in the eyes of the world.

1.Smile is a habit

Smile is a habit that not all countries have, lo. Indonesians smile very easily, both to people they know or to strangers. Indonesians will be happy to smile at anyone. This is why foreigners think Indonesians are friendly, because not all countries have a smiley cultural value.

2. Be Polite

Being polite is a cultural value that is taught to Indonesians since childhood, especially to people who are older. Indonesia has these diverse tribes and cultures, so politeness and mutual respect are very important. That is why Indonesians are always polite and don't discriminate against foreigners, because Indonesians are used to seeing differences.

3. Indonesians Like to Socialize

Friends must have witnessed or encountered while traveling using public transportation, such as buses and trains. Indonesians like to chat with other passengers they didn't even know before. Those are Indonesian people who love to socialize and interact, both with fellow Indonesians and foreigners. Because it is very important to highlight a friendly attitude when socializing, Indonesian people are also known to be friendly in the eyes of the world.

4. Likes to Help

One of the values ​​of Indonesian culture is the attitude of helping. Indonesians have been taught to help each other, because apart from being individual beings, humans are also social creatures. A helpful attitude is one form of hospitality that Indonesians have, for example if a foreigner asks for directions, we will be happy to show the direction. This helpful attitude abroad is rare, because people abroad have a strong culture of individualism.

5. Have a Culture of Mutual Cooperation

Apart from being helpful, Indonesians also have a mutual cooperation culture. This increases a sense of community and a friendly attitude towards others.

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  1. As an Indonesian, I can semi agree with this. It depends are they a foreigner or not. Javanese are the most kind people I've ever met in Indonesia.