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5 accounting software recommendations to use

mediapatner.com - Accounting software is able to support accountants in doing their work. there are many software and types of use according to work needs. every company must have financial management and that is where the role of accounting will work. In carrying out job management properly and having good results, the company must have tools that are able to support its business activities.

What is the true meaning of accounting software?

Accounting software is a computer device that is deliberately made for business activities ranging from managing sales, finance to managing business risks. Accounting software is usually deliberately made by companies according to company needs. So in this case the accounting software is indeed made custom or specifically by the company.
The purpose of accounting software is to facilitate the process of preparing financial reports in the form of balance sheets, profit and loss and final reports. So that the data used is valid data or through software validation.
Accounting software that is usually used by companies is interconnected between division 1 and others so that companies can carry out direct financial monitoring. This is what helps all bookkeeping processes and accounting calculations in the company become more automated and easier.

How to Choose an Accounting Software Service?

In order for the company's accounting activities to run well, there is something that must be considered in selecting the accounting software to be used. Here's how to choose accounting software.

Easily accessible

Of course, each accounting software developer service/vendor has its own different appearance. As a user of the software, you must be able to choose software that has easy access so that it can be used smoothly and easily by an accountant.


Security is your main consideration when choosing a software-based product. Likewise with the selection of accounting software to be used, ask the developer in detail and clearly about data security from online or offline breaches.

There is a Data Back Up Feature

The next tip in choosing an accounting software vendor is to have a data back up feature. This is because in general all financial reports will be accessed more often with Microsoft Excel, so you should choose accounting software that provides data import export features in the form of Excel.

There is Customer Support

When you first use accounting software, of course, the team and you still need some help regarding the accounting software, now when choosing a vendor, make sure you choose a vendor that serves you well enough and is able to provide customer support services.

That's a discussion of what accounting software is and the various benefits and features that must be had. Not only that, before deciding to use accounting software and choosing a third party as a service provider, it's a good idea to consider various aspects in order to get the best vendor.

One of them offered by Solitius is the SAP Business One package which will help you control your company easily. For this reason, Soltius is here as the best accounting software product developer that provides solutions to help control accounting activities in your company. 
5 accounting software recommendations to use

The following are the top 5 accounting software that must be used

1. Xero

Xero is feature-rich and easy-to-use software. This accounting software brings together important elements in a company in one location, including accounts, contacts, and billing. This software also provides full control access at any time. So that it can be the best choice for managing financial reports simply but accurately.

3 alternative plans are offered by Xero:

  •     Starter is $20/month
  •     Standard is $30/month,
  •     and Premium is $40/month.

All plans include 24/7 online support. You can also decide to use the 30-day risk-free trial. 

2. Synder

Synder is accounting software for managing payment systems, if a company has a payment system then this software is very suitable for use. Sinder is also often said to be an all-in-one e-commerce business accounting software. Because it is able to automate sales reconciliation with accounting from e-commerce platforms and create filing and tax reports.

Three main plans are available for Synder users, Large costs $199 per month, Scale $89 per month, and Moderate $39 per month. However, you do have a free trial option before purchasing. Cons and Benefits Advantages:

  •     Automate processes, save your time and money.
  •     Simplify your company's accounting procedures
  •     Accurate reporting facilitates wise decision making
  •     Simplify tax reporting
  •     Connect to many payment processors
  •     Allows the use of multiple currencies for transactions
  •     Immediate immediate assistance
  •     Simple orientation
  •     User friendly interface

Counter is Tailor-made for online-only companies.

3. QuickBook Online

QuickBooks Online is also an accounting software that has a friendly UI and lots of high-end accounting features that make this software suitable for use.
QuickBooks Online will be easier for an experienced accountant to use.

For smaller companies, QuickBooks Online is offered in four price tiers:

  •     The Simple Start plan costs $25 per month;
  •     The Essentials package costs $50;
  •     The plus plan costs $80; and
  •     The advanced plan costs $180 per month.

can test the program free for 30 days before deciding to upgrade to the premium plan if you're not sure about investing right away.

Cons and Benefits:


  •     Provides accurate books with its complex feature set.
  •     Connect to top business solutions
  •     Offers cross-platform access, anytime, anywhere via mobile apps and cloud accounting software.
  •     Provides comfort and familiarity for users of its desktop version.
  •     Incorporate professional support into all of its plans
  •     Serving a large customer base of around 7 million small companies.

Counter is The expensive add-on options it provides can cause your overall budget to increase quite a bit. 

4. Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an accounting software that provides various accounting services with powerful features and is easy to use. Here is a list of the various price tiers for Zoho Books:

Free for companies that generate annual revenue of $32,004 or less (1 user and 1 accountant) for up to 3 users; standard at $11.51/month

  •     Professional, up to 5 users, $23.03 per month
  •     Premium, up to 10 users, $46.07 per month
  •     Elite, up to 15 users, $76.80/month
  •     Ultimate, up to 25 users, $122.89 per month

Cons and Benefits:


  •     Complete accounting and billing software for business.
  •     Create and submit purchase orders; create invoices quickly.
  •     For your customers, secure online payment options.
  •     Powerful estimation tool
  •     Updates and reminders for payments.
  •     Tools to track expenses and stock levels.
  •     Timesheet management to track and convert hours to live invoices. Simplify banking procedures.
  •     Simple integration with additional business tools.
  •     Client portal for simple teamwork.
  •     More than 50 different categories of business reports.

Contrast is The number of users on the free and lower plans is limited. Update problem.

5. FreshBooks

FreshBooks, which is a simple accounting and invoicing software, is highly recommended for companies because it is able to provide excellent work accuracy. The monthly cost of the Lite plan is approximately $7.50, the Plus plan is approximately $12.50, the Premium plan is approximately $25, and the Select plan is available at a special price.

Cons and Benefits:


  •     For business owners, comprehensive accounting and billing software
  •     Fast and stylish invoices that can be generated in just a few seconds.
  •     Effective income and expense management that prepares you for tax season
  •     Capacity to monitor time and include hours worked on bills automatically
  •     A central location for all communications, comments and files enabling fast collaboration.
  •     Smart reporting features
  •     Accurate books that comply with all regulations promote wise business decisions
  •     Anywhere, anytime access
  •     Connection to more than 100 third-party tools

Counter is It can stretch your budget with add-ons. Only five billable clients can be used with the Lite plan.

So those are all accounting software recommendations that I can give. If you have your own version, you can write it in the comments column so that other readers can find out.

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