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How LSTM is working

 Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) is a popular deep learning algorithm that is used for making predictions and classifications related to time[1]. LSTM is a type of processing module for Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) [2]. The key idea behind LSTM is the path that connects the old context (Ct-1) to the new context (Ct) at the top of the LSTM module[2]. The modules that make up the LSTM network are LSTM modules, which are different from the modules that make up a regular RNN[2].

The LSTM module consists of several components, including the input gate, forget gate, output gate, and cell state[1]. The input gate determines which values from the input should be used to update the cell state, while the forget gate determines which values from the previous cell state should be forgotten[1]. The output gate determines which values from the cell state should be outputted, and the cell state is the memory of the LSTM module[1].

The LSTM algorithm works by taking in a sequence of inputs and producing a sequence of outputs[2]. The input sequence is fed into the LSTM module, which updates its cell state and produces an output for each input in the sequence[2]. The output sequence is then produced based on the updated cell state and the output gate[2].

Some advantages of the LSTM algorithm over conventional RNNs include its ability to model chronological sequences and long-term dependencies, as well as its ability to handle short-term memory problems[1]. LSTM is a powerful neural network architecture for processing sequential data[2]. It has been used in various applications, such as opinion mining, cryptocurrency, and air quality prediction[3][4][6].

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